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Thank you to our Sponsors of the VERY successful Crystal Lake Canada 150 Celebration!!


We are so excited at how successful the Crystal Lake Canada 150 celebration was...AND we owe it to you our sponsors!  

We had tons of ice cream, hot dogs, games and prizes!  We estimate 250 showed up to celebrate the BIG day!  We used all the sponsored money to make this happen and bought all Canada themed prizes.

We did a shout out to each of you and got a big round of applause from everyone...we also posted a Sponsor sign up on the prize and sponsor tent  AND we got at least 20 new CLCA members join up at the event.

Again, thank you for your very generous contribution and you can see in the attached photos what a great turn out we had.  You can go to our Crystal CLCA Facebook site and to the website to see more pics from the event.

You make a difference! 

Crystal Lake Cottagers' Association

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